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iQi PWRcase for iPhone 6 & 6S


Charge anywhere

Small & light, yet fits a huge battery

The very first Apple Made For iPhone (MFi) Certified iQi
Works with iPhone 6 & 6S

Looking for something to install in your existing favourite case? Try iQi Mobile!

See it in action

The most versatile iQi yet

  • iQi PWRcase for iPhone enables Wireless Charging on your iPhone 6 & 6S, so now you can charge your phone using any of your favourite Wireless Chargers
  • iQi PWRcase is a fully Apple Made For iPhone certified device, making it the very first iQi to achieve this certification
  • With 1550mAh of power built-in, iQi PWRcase will extend the battery life of your iPhone by up to 85% of its original capacity
  • Re-charge the PWRcase either Wirelessly by placing it on a Wireless Charger or using a micro-USB cable
  • If you don't have a Wireless Charger on hand, simply press the Power Switch on the case to get more juice
  • Provides the necessary protection for your phone, yet all ports & buttons can still be accessed effortlessly
Never Without Power

Extra long battery life

Fonesalesman In the Media

TECHAERIS You can’t go wrong with this charger from Fonesalesman.
(Jason Bouwmeester)
ANDROID AND ME There aren’t many tech products out there made of wood, and I think this one is done right.
(Brooks Barnard)

Collection of Chargers
for every occasion

Functional beauty

Simply drop your iPhone on the table to charge.
Pick it up when done charging.

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Perfect on the go

QiStone+ is the Completely Wireless Portable Charger.
QiStone+ can charge your iPhone with iQi PWRcase installed with ease and convenience anywhere, at any time.

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Charging in style

WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition is built using Hand-Harvested Mao Zhu Bamboo, surpassing the appearance of wood.

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1. Carefully slide your iPhone into the case, starting with the Lightning Port. Press lightly on the top.
2. Place your iPhone on a compatible Wireless Charger to start charging.
3. Sync with iTunes via a micro-USB cable.
4. To charge your iPhone using the built-in battery of the iQi PWRcase, press the Power Switch.

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