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Weekly Wireless on Wednesday #2

February 10, 2016

Our Weekly Wireless on Wednesday...

Bringing you some nice news from all over the internet & beyond!

Sometimes funny, not always relevant but surely something to read over while sippin' on your cuppa tea or coffee (or something stronger, we do not judge) during a short break on your busy day. 

With this week:

Trending last week:

Uber changed its logo

And obviously the internet had a lot to say about it: 



Read full article (one of many) here.


Yesterday was National Pancake Day in the UK. Obviously the British were crêpe at it, according to the French:



To be fair, that is indeed NOT the way to eat pancakes. 

Read full article here


From The Rumour Mil:

Google is testing Wireless Charging for its self-driving cars

*Cheering because Wireless Charging* 


Read full article here.