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The Wireless Standard


Weekly Wireless on Wednesday #1

February 03, 2016


Our Very First Weekly Wireless on Wednesday...

Bringing you some nice news from all over the internet & beyond!

We are very proud to present you the very first of many 'Weekly Wireless on Wednesday' posts. Sometimes funny, not always relevant but surely something to read over while sippin' on your cuppa tea or coffee (or something stronger, we do not judge) during a short break on your busy day. 

With this week:

Trending last week:

The fake picture that got the internet laughing

A fake picture won Nikon’s photography contest, and the people of the internet had a creative day - and a few laughs.




What seemed at first a pretty remarkable picture, turned out to be just a very bad Photoshop job. You don’t even have to look very close to see a peculiar white square around the airplane.

So later, even Godzilla made a visit:



Read full article here.

From the Rumour Mill:

Apple is working on a Wireless Charging solution for the iPhone and iPad

Read the article here. But honestly, who cares when you can already have Wireless Charging for iPhone NOW: 

Wireless Charging for iPhone iQi mobile


Get it now.


In Other News:

Heartbeats can now be measured wirelessly.

Not wireless charging related, but it is wireless. Which makes it pretty cool, in our opinion.

Read full article here.