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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rumour Roundup!

August 12, 2015


We read somewhere that “The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is like a teenager in front of a mirror – ten new photos fly out to Twitter each minute” - and here at Fonesalesman, we couldn’t agree more. Nevertheless we’re excited for Samsung’s new phone, and since we got the Note 4 and the S6 lying around here in the office, we couldn’t resist to do a comparison and a rumour roundup.

What? Samsung’s new flagship phablet.
When? It will be announced this week 13th of August
Tell me more.

Although the rumours indicate there is ‘no-MicroSD-slot’, the basic model should have 32GB of memory - that’s a big chunk of data you can store there. With a 16 mp back camera and a 5 mp front one, your selfies should show crystal clear on the 4K Super AMOLED Screen.

Leaked photos reveal a similarity with the Samsung Galaxy S6: a Gorilla Glass back with an aluminium rim. This might disappoint the hardcore Samsung fans who love a removable battery, because the leak implies a non-detachable back cover. However, the back shows a gorgeous curve we’ve seen on the front of the latest S6 Edge, while the glass and aluminium give a premium feel. So we might forgive Samsung. Might.

The leaked pictures show the Note’s signature stylus as well - rumoured to have a ‘push-to-pop’ mechanism which makes it easier to peel the stylus out.

And last but not least: Samsung’s new phones will have wireless charging built-in.

Check out the video we made for a more detailed rumour round-up!