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Best Wireless Charging Solution for iPhone Gets Better!

January 29, 2015

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Celebrating one year since the release of iQi Mobile to the market, we at Fonesalesman wanted to share some news about the product’s continuous development.

iQi Mobile was conceived as a way for iPhone users to be able to charge their devices wirelessly without compromising the phone’s look. Today, you don’t need those bulky ugly cases (like the one pictured below) anymore to get Qi Wireless Charging enabled on your iPhone.

You can use iQi with any soft case you like, as long as they don’t contain metal and are thinner than 5mm. iQi itself is so thin that is simply disappears behind the case, providing great experience for everyone.

Today, a year after the original’s came out, we are releasing a New Iteration of iQi, optimised specifically for the new iPhone 6.

We have made a ribbon cable longer in order to accommodate the way you want to charge your iPhone 6. With a longer ribbon, positioning of the phone on the pad feels very intuitive, as the receiver coil will now reside in the middle of your iPhone 6.

Taking your feedback on board, we have changed iQi Mobile’s visual appearance, which is relevant especially for those who use a clear case. iQi now appears even sleeker , more approachable and more in line with the iPhone 6’s design, adopting nice subtle aluminium-coloured finish with grey lettering, making sure iQi feels like it belongs on your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

We have also released some amazing charging pads last year that go perfectly with iQi Mobile. QiStone+, Completely Wireless Power Bank, allows you to charge your iPhone on the go, wherever you are, without the need for any cables or bulky charging stations. WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition, is a perfect compliment for your office or home desk; we’ve designed a cool beautiful thing which is also a pleasure to use.

In short, our vision has always been that Wireless Charging is about getting rid of all the effort that goes hand in hand with the wires. There’s something really cool about being able to simply put your phone down on the surface for it to start charging.

Please let us know what you think about the new iQi Mobile?
Which case would you prefer for your iPhone with iQi Mobile? Would that be a clear case? A colorful case? Let us know!