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Android Wear, Moto 360 & Wireless Charging

July 07, 2014

KoolPad, Moto,

Google I/O is an annual developer’s conference hosted by Google which features the latest advancements in software at Google. This year, Google held its 7th conference in San Francisco, California, where Google presented its OS for wearables called Android Wear, featuring 3 of the best and most advanced smart watches - LG Watch, Samsung Gear Live and the Moto 360.

 While the LG Watch and Samsung Gear Live were already shipping on the 7th July 2014, making them the first devices to debut Google's new Android Wear, the most awaited was the Moto 360 shown off at the conference. Moto 360 watch has a seemingly standard round dial, disregarding the boxy look of both the LG Watch and Samsung Gear Live, to produce a more graceful appearance. Moto 360 has a round OLED display and a battery with wireless charging enabled. The WPC’s Qi standard has been adopted for the Wireless charging, as was first revealed in the FCC submission document :

 As for the display, the watch exhibits a classic dial when the Google Android menu is inactive, always producing a traditional look of grace. Installed with Sapphire glass that is said to be four times more resistant than Gorilla Glass. However, its most amazing feature is the way it is charged. The device uses magnetic induction thanks to Qi charging receiver embedded to the back of the watch. With that in mind, Moto 360 will be made compatible with most Qi charging pads such as the KoolPad and the KoolPuck, others, unlike competitors from Samsung and LG.


The watch can be customised to fit either a leather or a metal strap to create a classy look. Moto 360 Watch is Android's new Star Kid going up against Apple's yet-to-be-announced competitor the “iWatch”. While LG or Samsung smart watches could be dismissed as not stylish enough to appeal to anyone outside of the early tech adopters, Moto 360 has thrown down the gauntlet in style and substance, while Apple is still months or even a year away from an announcement, with them still busy hiring employees from fashion houses and Swiss watchmakers.


Moto 360 will be the third Android Watch to come to the market, and is set to be the most advanced and innovative. Moto 360 is slated for release later this Summer, and we are all waiting for it to come out with bated breath here at Fonesalesman.