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Charging Pad Showdown! Part I

June 19, 2014

KoolPad, Samsung,


We at Fonesalesman are constantly focused on pushing the envelope and staying ahead of the competition. We will have more news this summer about some cool new products we’re developing to leapfrog the competition.

Until then, let’s talk KoolPad.

We’re incredibly proud of the KoolPad - its design, size, ease of use and the Kool technology that ensures your phone is always positioned for optimal charging, keeping your phone at those sweet 100% with minimal loss of power to heat, maintains the temperature that is healthy for your battery. Overall, KoolPad is a really cool pad.

So, we felt quite confident that our pad could beat even the big guys. We have decided to put it up against ultra-popular Nokia Charging Plate and Maxell Air Voltage pad.

Both are a lot more expensive than the KoolPad. Does that imply they possess anything, anything at all, that the KoolPad doesn’t have? 

We don’t think so.

Nokia Charging Plate is small and light (a bit lighter than the KoolPad) and is an excellent portable charger. However, if you’re looking for something light and small, KoolPuck would be a much better choice - thanks to the Kool technology and competitive price, KoolPuck is ahead of the Nokia pad.

Also, in our tests with the Samsung Galaxy S5 & S5 SlimPWRcard (pronounced as 'slim powercard'), Nokia pad didn’t perform all that well in terms of ease of use. It is quite finicky, in a way that it required quite a bit of effort from us to get it to sync with the Galaxy S5 phone. That is yet another unfortunate downside.

Maxell pad wasn’t nowhere close to either Nokia or the KoolPad. It is slightly older than the other pads on the list, and it shows. It is huge, clunky, ugly, it is a pain to get it to sync with the S5 SlimPWRcard. So much so, there could be a case made that I could’ve charged up about 5% if I was using the KoolPad, by the time Maxell pad has decided to finally sync with the PWRcard.

As a result, we see, yet again, that the Koolpad is coming out as a winner.

For more information, please check out the full video review.

Please let us know which pad you’d like us to compare to the Koolpad next.

We, and the KoolPad, are up for the challenge.