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Tech21 Impact Mesh - Case Review

May 12, 2014



Protective cases are usually bulky, ugly and heavy affairs.

Well, I’m pleased to say Tech21 Impact Mesh Case is everything but.

The case is packaged elegantly, very easy to open up without damaging the box - not that it is severely important, but it’s a nice change after Samsung’s original cases or Spigen’s offerings. On the downside, the package is also bulkier than it could’ve been. So, if you (for some reason?!) are collecting the packaging for the cases you’re going to be frustrated with this one.

The case itself looks very nice, weighs very little, and does what it was designed to do - protect the phone from the minimal impact. Smartphones of today are very fragile and prone to damage, so this kind of offering is very welcome. However, I have to say, if you (for some reason?!) are planning to drop your Samsung Galaxy S5 from more than 5 feet or so, the Impactology case wouldn’t be the one you’re looking for.

I was also a bit disappointed in the level of protection the camera on the back has received. I guess the developers had to sacrifice this bit in order to get the case to be thin, light and elegant. It is also worth mentioning, that Samsung did put some thought in protecting the camera of the Galaxy S5. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the phone in order to find out how fragile the camera is.

In conclusion, if you’re using our S5 PWRcard to charge the phone, Tech21 is a great case to do so as well. It provides no extra interference and the phone will not get any warmer than without this case.

As I mentioned, Tech21 case is a nicely-designed and engineered piece that feels good in your hand. I even found it to be more pleasant to hold than the original Samsung cover, actually. You can’t go wrong with this, if you’re looking for simple and elegant minimal protection for your Samsung Galaxy S5.

For an in-depth look-at, please check out the video below.

Enjoy Wireless!