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The Wireless Standard


Once upon a time there were the wired chargers

December 04, 2013

If you are an addicted phone-maniac like me, you have probably gone through quite a few different phones over the years. I can still remember my very first Nokia with a monochrome display and only snake in the game section… classic!

I cannot really remember all the models I had, but I have some “legacy” from the past: a big box with all sort of chargers and cables! Every single model, even if mamufactured by the same company, had a different connecting cable and a different charger.

I finally though it was over a few years back when some consortium of phone manufacturers announced they were going to standardize the charger, but guess what, they really didn’t.

And there was light… iQi solved it once and forever. I am so relieved now, I know that my iPhone at some point will just become old and a new cool phone will take its place, but my Kool Puck will be there and thanks to the Qi standard, I will be able to use the very same wireless charger. Unbeatable.