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The Wireless Standard


If you love tech as much as we do, chances are that you own a device equipped with USB Type-C port. Known for its reversible connector and higher power transmission, this format is bound to be the future of charging standard.

Let’s rewind back to the beginning of 2015, when Nokia introduced the world’s first tablet with reversible USB-C connector, the Nokia N1. It soon became the perfect solution for thinner devices, replacing the traditional bulky USB-type A. Even Apple, a company that swears by proprietary connectors on its products, has embraced USB Type-C on its latest MacBook. Fast forward to 2016, Android smartphones have started adopting the new standard en masse. It is even rumoured that iPhone 7 will include this mainstream feature in their upcoming launch.


At Fonesalesman, we share your passion for convenient connectivity. So when we spotted the lack of wireless charging options for USB-C devices, we knew we had to connect the dots…

After many ‘what-ifs’, UniQi was born - an ultra-light wireless receiver that enables wireless charging on phones with USB type-C ports. We have tried and tested on large range of mobiles such as HTC 10, LG G5LG G5 SE, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Similarly to the popular iQi Mobile for iPhone, UniQi is subtle, non-intrusive and easy to use. With your needs in mind, we created a product that blends seamlessly behind a phone case, providing a flawless user experience.

No more bulky cases, broken cables or lost wires. Just simply drop your phone on QiStone+WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition or even a table (meet FurniQi)! The power is in your hands.

UniQi is currently available to purchase directly from our website and Amazon. You can also check whether your phone is compatible with Qi charging here

uBeam has difficulty showing that its technology will work 


Does it really work? That is the question that everyone wants to have the answer for.

uBeam is a start up created by Meredith Perry. It is considered as the most promising company in the Silicon Valley. 23 billion dollars have already been raised, investors include companies like Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund and individuals such as Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo.


But why does everybody talk about this company?

Meredith Perry claimed that she was working on a prototype that would enable people to use ultrasounds and transforms them into electricity for wireless charging. The devices could be charged meters away from the power source. Technically, it is really convenient and people seem ready to try it.

Unfortunately, the future of the company could be compromised because of the revelation by Paul Reynolds, a former engineer at uBeam who said that the product doesn’t work. For the moment, the energy transfer rates are not the ones which have been promised.

People seem more and more skeptical about the company and what is promised, there is no proof of the technology and the company didn’t comment on the accusations.


Does the company will be able to show its product soon? Are they just making a buzz to sell more products after? Time will tell… Stay tuned in the meantime.


 ... learn more and more.

Rumor: iPhone 7 should have wireless charging, after all!

A lot of people have expressed frustration in the fact that iPhones still do not have Qi Wireless Charging built-in. It is already possible to charge iPhones, iPods wirelessly with iQi Mobile and iQi PWRcase receivers, but it seems like Apple is gearing to integrate the technology directly into their handsets, as some other manufacturers already have.

In the last few months Apple hired at least 12 engineers specialized in wireless charging, and some came from… uBeam!


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Are you the kind person who dislikes losing their time searching for things and likes to keep their belongings in a well-organized manner? Or even just aspiring to be this kind of person?

 If so, this desk organizer is now available on Amazon for you! You can put post-in notes, paper clips, pins, pens, etc!



Because it’s a Fonesalesman product, we couldn’t resist and make the one and only desk organizer which serves as a perfect fit for your WoodPuck, too :)

Definitely not!

To examine this question properly we have to go back in time, and bust some battery myths while we’re at it.

The first legend was born before lithium-ion batteries came to exist. Back then, the battery should have been discharged completely before it could be charged again, in order to sustain battery life. Lithium-ion batteries, however, work in charge cycles, so this issue has disappeared. The capacity does diminish slightly with each complete charge cycle, but that is due to natural wear.

So you don’t need to worry about discharging devices completely.

The next myth also originates from properties of older batteries. It’s rumoured that charging overnight kills the battery life in the long-term. It used to be possible to ruin a battery by ‘overcharging’, or leaving the device plugged in all the time. When you plugged in your phone for longer periods, older lithium-ion batteries could overheat. This heat can be blamed for the damage. Now we live in the age of ‘smart’, so the symbiosis of battery and software configuration has eliminated this problem as batteries will no longer receive more power than they require. We are also utilising technology called trickle charging which provides only the required amount of power to the phone at all times.

So don’t worry about your battery!

Anyways, batteries will deplete over time no matter what you do, so don’t obsess over it too much. If you keep your phone on a wireless charger in the office, or leave it on overnight, that would not ruin your battery life any more than if you would plug it in.

It is so cool and comfortable to just drop your phone on a stone or a wooden coaster … and start charging!

Bamboo belongs to the subfamily of tall treelike grasses, having more than 115 genera and 1,400 species. These species can be found in tropical and subtropical to mild temperate regions, with the highest concentration and high diversity of species in East and Southeast Asia and on islands of the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Bamboos include some of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, with noted growth rates up to 91 cm (36 in) in 24 hours. You can almost see the growth with your eyes in real time. Mao Zhu or Moso bamboo is one of these fast growing species.



This specific type of bamboo is the most valuable kind of bamboo in Asia. It is one of the most extensively used plants for economic activities. One of the reasons being the fact that it grows much more rapidly than ordinary wood, making it possible to harvest and utilize it in an incredibly sustainable way. A shoot of bamboo has been serving as food in Asia. Like wood, bamboo is a natural composite material with a high strength-to-weight ratio useful for structures. Moso bamboo poles have been used to build houses and structure from the early ages even until now. Moso bamboo fiber is now used to make flooring, clothing, plywood. The possible uses of Mao Zhu bamboo seem endless, ranging from fencing, bamboo furniture, housing, outdoor structure, food, construction material, paper, irrigation, medicine, musical instruments, beer, even diesel fuel.


Soft bamboo shoots, stems, and leaves are the main food source of the giant panda of China, the red panda of Nepal, and the bamboo lemurs of Madagascar. Mao Zhu bamboo, which has no leaf growth on the first 5m of the stem, is not a source of food for these species however; making Mao Zhu bamboo products completely animal-friendly!



These are the main reasons why WoodPuck and FurniQi are made out of this type of bamboo. Besides the incredible features, pandas and lemurs remain safe.

Our products are also dolphin-free, gluten-free, vegan, nonsense-free and won’t ever judge you. The perfect mates, we would say.


We at Fonesalesman are very pleased to announce that we are creating the world's first Panda Wireless charger - the QiPanda.

The QiPanda should be available to purchase by the end of this year. The QiPanda has special hugging abilities and has been proven to increase your mood as well as your phone's battery life. A new feature exclusive to Fonesalesman’s QiPanda, PandaMate, will keep your phone’s outlook on life positive at all times.

QiPanda will be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge + (Plus), Note 5, Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, Moto 360 Watch, Nokia Lumia 830, 735, 920, 930, 1520, Blackberry Z30, Catphone S50, Asus Padfone S PF500KL, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note 3, Note 4, Alpha with PWRcard & SlimPWRcard, iPhone 6S, SE, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5C, 5S with iQi Mobile, and Other Qi-Enabled Tablets & Phones. You can find the full list of supported devices here

Wireless (or inductive) charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects.This concept was first demonstrated by Nikola Tesla, and it has a long history of commercial use, charging of electrical toothbrushes, for example.


Let’s take a look at the advantages of this technology. The first is convenience: you just place your device down on the charging pad and it's charging! It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Secondly, it can solve other problems in environments that are not suitable for electrical power cords because it’s wet, moving, dirty or needs to remain sterile or hermetically sealed. Of course, there is another side of the coin as well. Wireless charging is a bit slower than charging with a cord, and this technology is usually a bit more expensive. There is some confusion between standards, which basically means that you can’t charge your device with any type of changer. Majority of people identify Qi with wireless charging, which is adopted by some of the biggest tech companies like Samsung and LG. However, the other commonly known type of Wireless Charging is Powermat, which can be found in Starbucks coffee shop chain. Unfortunately, Qi and Powermat are not compatible with one another. Some manufacturers started to built both standards into their phones, for example the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge can be charged using both. So it looks like Qi is winning the battle! The most popular devices to be charged wirelessly are smartphones. A lot of newer phones have Qi standard Wireless Charging receivers built right into the phone by the manufacturer. The older models can be made compatible with an add-on receiver. (see the list here:

 The point is still convenience. Just imagine having wireless charging in your car, on your nightstand (it can be built into your furniture as well, have you seen FurniQi?) at your office desk, and in the living room. It’s just easier to live wirelessly. And let’s be honest here: is there anything cooler than dropping your phone on a stone, and the phone starts charging?

Our Weekly Wireless on Wednesday...

Bringing you some nice news from all over the internet & beyond!

Sometimes funny, not always relevant but surely something to read over while sippin' on your cuppa tea or coffee (or something stronger, we do not judge) during a short break on your busy day. 

With this week:

Trending last week:

It was all about MWC in Barcelona

And we were there: 


Unfortunately we almost saw as much as you form the congress since our stand was very, very busy. However, we did see Samsung’s VR rollercoaster. And it was very impressive:


(This video is from Samsung's VR Rollercoaster at Catalonia Square, but the same thing could be found at the congress). 



Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar for his role in the Revenant.


RIP all Leo-Oscar memes. 


From The Rumour Mil:

HTC sold 15,000 Vive units in its first 10 minutes on sale

Why a rumour? Since we can’t be sure where these figures are coming from. However, based on everything we’ve seen at MWC: VR is booming.

Read full article here.


Our Weekly Wireless on Wednesday...

Bringing you some nice news from all over the internet & beyond!

Sometimes funny, not always relevant but surely something to read over while sippin' on your cuppa tea or coffee (or something stronger, we do not judge) during a short break on your busy day. 

With this week:

Trending last week:

Uber changed its logo

And obviously the internet had a lot to say about it: 



Read full article (one of many) here.


Yesterday was National Pancake Day in the UK. Obviously the British were crêpe at it, according to the French:



To be fair, that is indeed NOT the way to eat pancakes. 

Read full article here


From The Rumour Mil:

Google is testing Wireless Charging for its self-driving cars

*Cheering because Wireless Charging* 


Read full article here.


Our Very First Weekly Wireless on Wednesday...

Bringing you some nice news from all over the internet & beyond!

We are very proud to present you the very first of many 'Weekly Wireless on Wednesday' posts. Sometimes funny, not always relevant but surely something to read over while sippin' on your cuppa tea or coffee (or something stronger, we do not judge) during a short break on your busy day. 

With this week:

Trending last week:

The fake picture that got the internet laughing

A fake picture won Nikon’s photography contest, and the people of the internet had a creative day - and a few laughs.




What seemed at first a pretty remarkable picture, turned out to be just a very bad Photoshop job. You don’t even have to look very close to see a peculiar white square around the airplane.

So later, even Godzilla made a visit:



Read full article here.

From the Rumour Mill:

Apple is working on a Wireless Charging solution for the iPhone and iPad

Read the article here. But honestly, who cares when you can already have Wireless Charging for iPhone NOW: 

Wireless Charging for iPhone iQi mobile


Get it now.


In Other News:

Heartbeats can now be measured wirelessly.

Not wireless charging related, but it is wireless. Which makes it pretty cool, in our opinion.

Read full article here.


Qi is the standard for Wireless Charging that is being adopted as one the key features for many latest mobile devices. Recent phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 5 and Motorola Droid Turbo 2 have included Qi Wireless Charging compatibility as a main feature. It is rumoured that Apple is also planning to implement Wireless Charging for their upcoming device. However, we at Fonesalesman brought out a solution with iQi Mobile to make your Apple devices compatible with Qi Wireless Charging. Due to higher demands on wireless charging, the most forward thinking car manufacturers, Audi, Lexus, Toyota, Ford, etc, are implementing Qi Wireless Chargers as one of their main console add-on features.

We have been frequently asked by customers whether the wireless charging console in their car is compatible with Qi Wireless Charging. Therefore, as a dedicated intern at Fonesalesman, I have put together a list of cars that features Qi Wireless Charging. It was my intention to make it easier for people to browse through the list and find whether the model you are looking for is compatible with Qi Wireless Charging. Most importantly, for you to enjoy Wireless Charging whilst you’re on the road.

Check out this link to see if your car is on the list!

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